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Startup Global Warriors is the first in a three part series consisting of entrepreneurial activities. Startup Global Warriors are Meetup sessions held in cities where Miguel manages his companies as a serial entrepreneur.
Miguel does the following activities as a hobby. All financial transactions are arranged at cost, and not configured to be a profitable endeavor. Therefore, he posts and updates material as time permits.

  1. Startup Global Warriors (you are here)
  2. My Startup Team
  3. Mighty Micro-Multinational

If you can’t afford to attend or travel to a Meetup, home-study courses are available at Mighty Micro-Multinational with active forums at a fraction of the cost.

Do you have a great idea to make money “for the honey?” It could be opening a lemonade stand in a rural village or a mission to Mars. Miguel wants to contribute to your success.

When the time comes to recruit a Start Team, we have a website designed especially for you.

Strictly speaking, take what you want out of this curriculum. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The courses at the beginning are very easy, but if you do not do the groundwork by “practicing what you preach” on a daily basis, there will no further personal or professional development. It is a complex global village. Constant practice converts mindful actions into subconscious behavior.

To emphasize, one size does not all. Take what works for you. No one or no business model is the same. Your idea is unique.

Yes! You are special! Especially if you are taking a huge risk on a lofty endeavor.

Get the groundwork completed so that you can progress on tremendous success on a day-to-day basis.


Go to where the actions is!


There is pain and no gain until you put in the effort and desire to succeed. Learn with a positive attitude. Gather as much information as you can from the best sources you can find.


The results are a co-efficient of your performance, chiseled in stone.


Startup Global Warriors

Hong Kong

San Diego, California

Palo Alto, California

Establish a Mentor Partnership with Miguel


Miguel is a serial entrepreneur. Through the madness, he has accumulated a vast amount of startup experience in several specialties.

He has acquired global entrepreneurial prowess fortified by many years of formal training.

Perhaps he can help you? He will not waste your valuable time and resources.

Enter into a mentoring partnership with Miguel.

CAUTION: Proceed at your own risk!


Miguel offers his own version of unique business skills. Not many small-to-medium size entrepreneurs possess his credentials. He has his share of failures, but also has major once-in-a-lifetime victories.

Many of his suggestions are unconventional and “off the beaten path.”

Miguel is carefully evaluating aspiring entrepreneurs. Take the initiative before contacting us!

Please conduct your own research before contacting us to save valuable time and resources for both of us. Your prepared questions will get better answers.


Complete the FREE Startup Application Course to begin the journey. Be forewarned that we don’t follow the beaten path. We get out the machetes and carve our own trail. Let’s sweat through the jungle together.

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