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Whew! Miguel took years to put together a spectacular program for Startup Global Warriors (Entrepreneurs). In addition to extensive planning and solidifying speaking engagements with a team of successful entrepreneurs, three entrepreneurial websites are being completed.

Our first series of Meetups are going to be held in 2020 – 2021. Sign-up for a membership at Startup Global Warrior to receive important updates. “Come get some!”

Startup Global Warrior is a disciplined approach to gaining entrepreneurial mastery. Focusing on the whole person, like many professionals, Miguel uses different analogies for business situations. For emphasis, Startup Global Warrior applies various methods taught by special forces units. Many of these military groups are highly-regarded as teams.

The mission of an elite warrior is to win on the battlefield or in the boardroom with overwhelming victories sustained over a lifetime.

What is a Startup Team?

It’s a group of ambitious entrepreneurs brought together to compete with the goal of winning a competition. In our scenario, we train a startup team to beat their competitors with overwhelming success in the marketplace.


Strumming along on a creative analogy, starting a business by assembling a talented team of co-founders, selecting first hires, and finding customers are akin to creating a rock band by assembling talented musicians, selecting first venues, and finding fans to worship them.


It’s a life-or-death situation in a startup because a significant portion is probably vested with the most interesting relationships you’re going to have in your life. If the startup team and rock group practice every day, the interaction becomes intense. It becomes similar to marriage but adds multiple partners. Yikes!


You might be living hand-to-hand while waiting to get funded, saving up to get started and paying the costs, or quickly turning a profit over your costs. With so much as stake, little obstacles are difficult to navigate. — (paraphrased) Lindred Greer, Stanford Graduate School of Business


Steps by Step, Inch by Inch…forward progress


  1. Take the Startup Course for Entrepreneurs. It’s FREE!
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We’re not looking to fill a stadium. We’re not interested in numbers. We prefer to deliver quality presentations with your active participation.


Space is limited so we can focus on each participant. The minimum requirement at each Meetup event is 24 participants on the first night. If we do not get the minimum requirement, everyone will be notified one week prior to the event. Tickets will be refunded immediately to the original buyer.



Miguel Hidalgo is a Senior Executive Entrepreneur

Miguel is just getting started! After many years of training, experience, pitfalls, and triumphs, he wants to help aspiring entrepreneurs. He is not a celebrity. He is not a rock star. He is not a slick speaker or a cagey billionaire.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. — Napoleon Hill

The only way to measure the quality of our activities is to attend a Meetup. Review the quality of material that is posted on Miguel’s websites. Objectively, these are among the best methods for Miguel and his team to earn your trust.

  • Aren’t trustworthy relationships the pinnacle driving success?
  • Aren’t impeccable credentials from someone who has “been there, done that” what you want to guide your team?

Sometimes, you need to jump off a cliff and see what happens. Take a chance in life. 

Obviously, Miguel can’t feel your pain, but he can certainly empathize with you. There will be “magic moments” when you want to share (vent) your feelings. Allow Miguel and his team support your efforts to overcome adversity. If you require professional assistance, he will let you know.


Let’s Get Restless!


Miguel has learned the hard way that results are the triumphant end-goal, but the journey is more important. Like a football game, imagine playing the game (the journey) with a clear intention for the team to win. The amazing discovery is that the entrepreneurial spirit is a never-ending story (there is another season) and the journey (life path) continues with just another marker (half-time) for the next huge challenge (reaching the goal post).

There’s more to racing than just winning. — “Cars” (Disney)

Take a look at very successful people. How many stay at the top of their game before tumbling down? How many lotto winners and gamblers hold onto their winnings? Sometimes, lucky people get to nirvana quickly but they fall apart sooner or later. What are the odds?


For a brief moment, forget what you watch on television or read on the Internet. Take a snapshot of your circle of family and friends. Are they making enough money to support a lifestyle that is tremendously enjoyable?


Today, Miguel has learned to enjoy roller coaster rides. It’s not for the timid. Yet, it is a preferable lifestyle. It’s an exciting life compared to feeling down and out or getting stuck on a 9 – 5 merry-go-round ride (job). Frankly, huddling around the water cooler gossiping about stupid stuff is boring. Trolling is definitely not part of an exciting life.


Lately, he has been helping startups. It has turned into a fabulous hobby!


Through the years on his adventurous roller coaster ride, Miguel has been asked by many aspiring entrepreneurs for help. At first, he nudged them away. But, when he heard the advice solicited by high-priced prima donna experts, he would pull talented entrepreneurs aside and provide innovative ideas and solutions.


Sometimes the information was helpful. Sometimes, the information was not helpful. But the advice was encouraging. He was supportive. His perspectives were applicable, maybe not now, but later the information proved to be valuable.


Listening and asking tough questions, he always counseled them to collect all the information possible before making important decisions. They liked his openness and calm demeanor. Once in a while, he gets pumped up about the smallest things!

Aspiring startups are comfortable with his personal but meticulous professional approach.

NOTICE: Miguel will do his best to add and update material at Meetups and his entrepreneurial websites on a regular basis. However, this is not his livelihood. Please understand. Miguel reserves the right to shift things up, down and all around, but he will be consistent.

Begin on the toughest path to success…

The Startup Course for Entrepreneurs


Do you have what it takes to Launch a Startup?


Budding entrepreneurs are extremely disciplined. They should start at a young age. Yet, anyone with the willpower can do it anytime and anywhere in the world.

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Great Expectations


These two pictures were taken many moons ago.

Miguel is on a tough exercise regimen and outrageous crash diet before posting recent photos.

“You can’t see me now. Not just yet.”

Miguel Hidalgo, La Jolla, California
Miguel Hidalgo, Hong Kong